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Well I don't blame you. Here is where you can get the website backdoor password for BangBros (used by their webmasters) and see not only Free Porn Mpegs but EVERY DAMN ONE of their complete videos?

I belong to a webmasters forum and learned about this only recently. One of the BangBros webmasters has posted the access code on his public profile page at a dating site he belongs to.

Click here. Sign in (free - no credit card needed). Then go to the profile page for this member: "RogerVardon". Scroll down a bit until you see the section marked "Passwords". The one for BangBros is marked "BB".

He has a few others too like Bang Bus and Brazzers. I have used them and they do work. I use them maybe too much. ;-)

Anyway, thought I'd pass this good fortune on.

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